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July 25th, 2010

My yard was a complete and embarrassing mess – grass in desperate need of mowing, downed tree limbs, horribly overgrown and neglected flower beds, out-of-control weeds and vines, and I didn’t knew where or how to start. An internet search led me to Athens Lawn & Gardening, I sent an e-mail to Kevin and within a couple of hours, he e-mailed me back! He came to the house, assessed the yard, offered insights and guidance, asked thoughtful questions, LISTENED to my answers, put a plan together, and then gave me an estimate. His crew came out when he said they would. They worked diligently despite the 90+ degree weather. I was amazed and pleased with the results.

In short, Athens Lawn & Gardening is owned, run by, and employs professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced, courteous, thoughtful, and industrious.

– Roberta Roberson

I called Athens Lawn & Gardening on the suggestion of a friend, I found
them exceedlingly friendly, professional and the only landscape business
I contacted that actually called me back!
– D.R.

Kevin has a wealth of knowledge which I found very imformative and
helpful, and that’s one reason I hired him.
– S.H.

We called every landscaping company in the local area and Athens Lawn &
Gardening not only called us back within minutes but came to give us an
estimate the same day. Talk about service!
– C.C. & G.P.

The men of Athens Lawn & Gardening work like men of old, just like my dad
did when we were growing up. Kevin Martin pushes his workers hard and
stays in constant contact with them always, throughout the day. We
recommend this company to anyone looking for high quality workmanship.
– I.Y.

They have mowed our lawn for years and we never have had a problem with
the work they perform, and the price is just right.
– Q.E.

I should have taken Mr. Martin’s suggestion years ago and just hired him,
now, after having this mess, we started fresh with Athens Lawn & Gardening
and got what we wanted in the first place.
– C.M.

The crews of Athens Lawn & Gardening are extremely professional and very
talented. They paint, do carpentry work and other handyman projects other
than just landscaping. We will hire them for all of our projects.
– A.D.

We invested in our property instead of taking a vacation overseas and
Kevin and crew transformed our projects just like we saw on T.V.. A wise
investment is appericted and I would recommend Athens Lawn & Gardening to
– Mr. & Mrs. R. L.

Kevin, the bank looks great and I’m very pleased with it. Thanks so much!
– C.J.

I hired Athens Lawn & Gardening Inc. to complete a project that the other company we hired last year failed to return and finish. I am most pleased
with Kevin and his team.
– B.C.

Kevin, your boys are the hardest working people I have ever seen. Do you give ever give them a break? My property has never looked this wonderful since
I moved to Athens.
– J.H.

I was told that if anyone in Athens County could figure out how to fix my hillside landslide it would be Kevin. He is highly recommended by many people,
so we hired him. The first contractor charged over $13,000. Then the hill moved within 3 months and he refused to come back. When Kevin and his foreman walked
up and looked at the problem I knew instantly I made the right decision.
– M. A.

I found Athens Lawn & Gardening on the web and really liked their website, it is so informative and the pictures helped me with my decision. I have made phone
calls to other landscapers and no one returned my call. I will continue to use their services.
– F. U.

I am always impressed when I call Athens Lawn and Gardening. They either pick up the phone when I call or they call back in a short amount of time. I wanted
a new patio and fireplace for our house. Kevin came out listened to my idea he made suggestions and was very helpful. My choice to hire him was based on his
professionalism and quality of work he did for some of my friends.
– W.

It’s simple, hire Kevin Martin and Athens Lawn and Gardening.
– D.C. & J.K.

Kevin’s workers didn’t complete the job to his satisfaction and he made them redo it completely. I didn’t see any problems with what they had done but that’s the
quality of work he brings to every customer. I highly recommend his company.
– B.L.M.

Kevin’s landscape designs are always hand-drawn and we put ours in a frame for future generations.
– G. K.

From plant choices, to clean-up, the staff of Athens Lawn & Gardening are always working to the nth degree.
– A.

Kevin thanks for a job well done.
– K.L. & B.L.

I at first suffered from sticker shock, but when Kevin took the time to very carefully explain to me I was buying artwork, quality and the highest
degree of workmanship, I made the correct decision.
– W.S.

Having never met anyone from Athens Lawn & Gardening I am impressed that they take care of my rental. I live in San Francisco, California and my cousin recommended
Kevin Martin to manage my property. That sort of service is very unusual.
– P. G.

Kevin, give your boys a tip I included with this check.
– M.

I have lived all over the United States, as my husband was involved in building new power plants. When I needed my new home in Athens looked at, I was new in
town, and asked a neighbor who to call for help, she recommended Kevin Martin and Athens Lawn & Gardening.
– V.M.

Kevin, job well done. Thank you
– J.O.

Athens Lawn & Gardening is the only company I know of that takes
care of my house and property. I do one-stop shopping with him.
– S. K.

The quality of work by Kevin’s workers is excellent. I don’t know why I waited to hire him.
– D.T.

Kevin told me that they always bring quality, professionalism and value to each customer. He did just that for us.
– S.E. & B.E

Kevin, my mother is so happy with your work. The yard is perfect.
– B.J.H.

If you want something done right, call Athens Lawn & Gardening.
– C.J. & D.J

I sat in the air conditioning and watched Kevin and those young men work all day, everyday, in 90-degree weather and they never took a break. I think he
pushes them too hard. However, they never complain.
– A.S.

When we asked to have the bank’s sidewalk cleared again, they came up in a blinding snowstorm and took care of the problem.
– M.G.

Athens Lawn & Gardening has managed our property for 14 years.
– S.N and R.N

My mother lives by herself and is frail. I called Kevin Martin on a recommendation and he went to see my mother and assured her that he has always put
senior citizens onto the top of his priority list.
– F. U.

We are on a fixed income and could not pay all the money Kevin estimated it would take for the job. He let me make payments. I can’t thank him enough.

– M.R. & S.R

I was living in an abandoned trailer and eating rice with no heat and about to clock out of this world. I was desperate for money and help. I walked over to
my neighbor’s house and asked to use her phone to call around for a job. She told me Athens Lawn & Gardening hired people and to give them a call. I called and actually
spoke to the owner but he told me he didn’t need anyone at the moment but he would keep me in mind and I gave him my neighbors phone number. The next week he called her
and asked for me to come to work. I didn’t know what to expect but Kevin took me in like a brother and worked my ass off at the same time. I got healthy both mentally
and physically and finished college because of Kevin Martin. I now have federal government job because of him.
– Andy, an Iraq veteran.

I hired Kevin and will always hire Kevin.
– T.H.

Our business looks wonderful year around. Thanks Kevin.
– R.R. & E.R.


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